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Fairview Terrace and Bundy Heights

Utilities for family units located at Fairview Terrace and Bundy Heights are subsidized and some utilities are actually paid for by Jackson MHA.  Based on the bedroom size, each family receives a utility allowance that is subtracted from the gross rent to get a net rent.  The current utilities allowances for each bedroom size at Fairview and Bundy are on the informational pages for each complex.
Jackson MHA pays for water, sewer, and trash at all apartments in Fairview Terrace and Bundy Heights. Although the resident receives a utility allowance, this allowance is deducted from their rent.  Therefore, the resident is responsible for paying the electric, gas, phone, and cable.

Cambrian Apartments:

Most utilities for residents living in the Cambrian are paid for by Jackson MHA.  There are no utility allowances.  Jackson MHA pays for electric, gas, water, sewer, and trash.   If the resident wants phone and cable service, they are responsible for the cost.

Section 8 Residents:

A utility allowance is calculated into the value of each individual Section 8 voucher.  The calculation is based on the type of unit selected (apartment, house, mobile home), the location of the unit (different parts of the county have different suppliers of utilities with different rates), bedroom size, type of utilities in unit (some may be all electric), and or less any utilities that are provided by the landlord.