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Income that is excluded when determining Annual Income, these are listed below:

    1.  Income from employment of children (including foster children) under the age of 18 years.  (Income of children excluded is earned income, welfare assistance or SSI paid to children is always included in Annual income)

    2.  Payments received for the care of foster children or foster adults.

    3.  Lump-sum additions to family assets, such as inheritances, insurance payments, capital gains and settlement for personal or property losses.

    4.  Amounts received by the family that is specifically for, or in reimbursement of, the cost of medical expenses for any family member.

    5.  Income of a live-in aide.

    6.  The full amount of student financial assistance paid directly to the student or to the educational institution.

    7.  The special pay to a family member serving in the Armed Forces who is exposed to hostile fire. (This is the only component of income earned by service persons on the lease that is not included in Annual Income)

    8.  (a) Amounts received under training programs funded by HUD

         (b) Amounts received by a person with a disability that are disregarded for a limited time for the purposes    of Supplemental Security Income eligibility and benefits because they are set aside for use under a Plan to Achieve Self Sufficiency (PASS)

         (c) Amounts received by a participant in other publicly assisted programs which are specifically for or in reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses incurred (special equipment, clothing, transportation, child care, etc.) and which are made solely to allow participation in a specific program

         (d) Amounts received under a resident service stipend.

         (e) Incremental earnings and benefits resulting to any family member from participation in qualifying State or local employment training programs (including training programs not affiliated with a local government) and training of a family member as resident management staff.

    9.  Temporary, nonrecurring, or sporadic income (including gifts)

    10. Reparation payments paid by a foreign government pursuant to claims filed under the laws of that government by persons who were persecuted during the Nazi era.

    11. Amounts specifically excluded by any other Federal statute from consideration as income for purposes of determining eligibility or benefits under a category of assistance programs that includes assistance under any program to which the exclusions set forth in the above list of excluded income apply.